Bodhi Flow Massage

Spa Dollys Massage.
Massage therapy has become over time a necessity rather than a luxury.
Whether you have being traveling, managing a busy lifestyle or working, a massage will ease symptoms of tension form overuse and restore the body’s natural balance leaving you feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

All 60 & 90 min bodhi flow treatments include a bodhi color infusion balance
and chi kidney activation to help your bodhi remove toxic waste
Bodhi Flow Massage.
35-min       $55.00
 60-min        $75.00 -studio               $95-mobile       
 90-min        $115.00-studio              $125-mobile

Add On Treats, can be added to any other spadollys treatments.

Dry Bodhi Brushing 20min                                 $35      
Bodhi upper back exfoliating polish                      $30
with hydration treatment.

Bodhi flow back massage              35-min          $55
Shoulders, Neck & Head             15-min           $25
Arms and Hands                         10-min           $15
Lower Leg and Feet                     15-min           $25

Wellbeing Therapies

Aura Soma aromatic massage with color therapy.

1 hr $95.00

Hot Stones: For a deeper therapy, hot stones will release healing energies deep into your muscles melting all stress away.

1 Hr $95      

Reiki : A combination of Reiki and deep tissue massage. Reiki is a healing form of hands on work focusing on the Chakra's or energy centers of the body. It releases blockages from the physical body to the emotional realm. Generally people feel "recharged", lighter and a sense of having had a deep sleep after a session. Depending on your condition, a weekly session or monthly session, maybe of great benefit, to maintain your inner rhythm.
1 hr $95


TMJ Kinergetics: Rebalance the jaw rebalance the body.
1 hr $95


Please contact us to arrange your booking

Bodhi Cocoon Wraps & Delish Scrubs

Bodhi Scrubs: 60 min $95.00

Tropical Coco luscious Indulgence, renew an feed the skin
Your tropical experience starts with dry bodhi brushing to stimulate your lymphatic’s followed by a warm sugar scrub infused in virgin coconut oil an essential oils of your choice to renew and feed the skin. Then warm steamed towels are applied ,then the most gorgeous blend of mango and papaya cocoa butter to leave you feeling silky and smooth and relaxed.

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