Dollys Shiatsu Facial Lift.

From age 30 the skin on your body and face start to show signs of aging. Formations of expression lines, dry dull skin, furrows and hormonal changes set the pace for awareness to changes. Depending on your lifestyle and dietary intake along with genetics this could be a slow or increasingly active pace to to pre-ageing.

Shiatsu acupressure points stimulates facial muscles increasing toning affects while promoting the flow of lymph secretions, relaxing the chin and jaw, soothing tired eyes and nerves. Along with a good skin routine acupressure can be highly affective.

This is a fantastic Anti-ageing treatment for improving wrinkles.  you can apply at home or at work in just 10min.

Facial acupressure is a natural facelift with out electrical impulse
or the use of needles

Diy Spa Dolly  party’s

$12.00. learn how to apply your facial fitness.

Therapist applied with any other treatments.



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