FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to supply anything for my appointment

All you need to supply for parties is a table setting or similar, though we have been known to do picnic style settings were no table and chairs are available. (All the more fun) Other than that water and power is all you need. For private bookings water & power, how ever were theirs away their is a will.

How many people do i need to have a party

4 being the minimum for group booking, and 3 people pending the value of your party.

What if I have any allergies

Upon booking you will be sent a client skin & health analysis for you and your guest to fill out. Your consultant will phone you to discuss any special requirements or concerns.

What products will be used.

Spa Dollys only use accredited beauty therapy only products that are up to date with today’s beauty technology.

Can I have all my treatments done by one consultant.

In some case yes, pending what your consultant specializes in. In some cases their may be two consultants.

How long will my treatment take.

This depends on the treatments and services you have chosen. Our booking Dollys will be able to give you an estimated time including pre~ arrival set up.

What if i need to cancel my appointment.

Spa Dollys needs a minimum of 48 hr up to your booked appointment time.
Appointments canceled or rescheduled will not be refunded

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