Fit Dolly - Wellbeing & Fitness
Group fitness is fun & Friends that train
together, stay together.

Minimum 4 people (please contact us for extra pricing on longer sessions)
Price includes Mini Pet 250ml bottle of H20 per guest.
All equipment supplied.

Fit Dollys is available for mobile or studio private consults for individual health & fitness programs, nutrition  and supplements.
G Rate = Group Rate
Private Studio & Mobile Consultations Available  By Appointment Only   Contact us.

Pilates,Yoga Fusion mat work
            45 min      $22.00 pp                                                                                                          G Rate                                                                              
Strength & Stability.
Build your strength, flexibility and stability for every day movability.
Deeply tone the abdominal and  lower back muscles for stability and good posture as well as building lower and upper body strength.

Heaven forbid that any self respecting dolly should be seen at the gym
doing theses exclusive moves, it’s a Gal thang.
Tighten, tone and defeat gravity.

Personal Training  Sessions     35 min       $18.00 pp G Rate
                                                                 45 min       $22.00 pp G Rate

Fit Dolly
Get fit and tone up at the same time. Cross training is a lot of fun and something you and your friends can do together inside or outside.

Fabulous Dolly Derrieres
Sculpt your gluteus, inner thighs and hips for a more uplifting firm derrière
Build strength and definition.

Pelvic Floor Search & Rescue.
Cant find your pelvic muscles? Then this is for you. First you have to find
them, strengthen & tone. Yes it really dose work.

Abbalicious Abbs/Back workout.
Gorgeous toned bellies come from a strong stable back & abdominal, along
with a sensible body fat percentage. So a bit of work, a little learning and you will have inner core strength and stability.

Fit Mama- Pre/Post Pregnancy Program’s.
Personalized to fit your wellness needs
Available by request

Full range of supplements available: Balance body performance, Good Health,
Lifestream, Clinicians,  Nordic, and much more....

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