Signature Facials Treatment Menu.
Every Dolly deserves a little special treat now and then, so try one of our yummy facials.

Express Facial:  30min $55.00
Detoxifying double cleans with a nourishing  facial massage and hydration serum to suit your skin type.

Papaya Enzyme Treatment: 45min $70.00
Tropical light peel to remove old skin debri & refresh tired skin with a burst of apricots.
Normal to Combination Skin Type

Flavonoid Extra Antioxidant  Facial Cocktail: 50min  $85.00 (Dollys Fav)
Full of yummy melon, blackcurrant, grapes, algae and elderberry to rejuvenate & smooth
out wrinkles while boosting collagen. Results: visibly supple, silky firm for younger looking skin.
Mature Skin  Type

Organic Turkish Delight Chocolate Facial: 55min  $95 (Dollys fav)
A tasty little indulgence like no other - rosehip deep cleansing mask with real rose petals infused with 70%  Valrhona chocolate, rich in anti-oxidants that hydrate and refines skin to a flawless finish with nutrient loaded organic roses.
All skin types.

 Sour Cherry Organic Facial: 1hr $150.00
A skin diet rich in vitamins and trace element to promote younger-looking skin. Rosehip and Maize Exfoliating Mask smoothes, softens and refines the skin, helping to boost the skins natural cleansing action, while vitamin-rich cherries help rejuvenate, revitalize and refine the skin. Result: Glowing healthy-looking skin
Normal to combination, dry dehydrated skin. (includes neck massage)

Antioxidant Organic Facial : 1hr $150.00 (Dollys Fav)
An  intensive treatment, this facial swiftly reveals a smoother, younger  looking skin for skin showing signs of aging. With rosehip, rose petals, peach or carrot. Rose hip and maize soften and smooth tired and mature skins, while peach or carrot nurture and regenerate. This intensive treatment improves skin texture, revealing a smoother, younger-looking skin.
Suits aging or dehydrated skin.  (includes neck massage)

Everything's Roses Organic Facial: 1hr 30min $160.00
Blended from a bouquet of rose petal oil & raw rosehips. The beautifying herbs of Ilcsi’s exclusive exfoliation duo deep cleanse, delivering a rich vitamin boost, while hydrating, revitalizing sensitive, vulnerable and reactive skin. The results: A clearer, healthier looking, radiant complexion.

Suits Normal to sensitive skin.  (includes shoulder & neck massage)

AHA Spicy Organic Facial: 1hr 30min  $160
The hottest facial in town!

Apple, grape, medlar and lemon balm combine to gently slough dead skin cells to reveal a softer, smoother skin, while linseed and red rose petals tone, tighten and nourish the skin. A refreshening cocktail for radiant skin and instant glow.
This treatment will bring heat to the skin surface to improve circulation, thus collagen increasing proprieties
For all skin types.   (includes shoulder & neck massage)

Mobile private treatments minimum spend: From $75.00 please contact us for more information. Please note travel and parking expenses may apply .

Diy Workshop Parties More info.....
Prices From: $75.00 per person Minimum booking 3 people

Ilcsi Retail products Available Upon Request....

Cleansers: from $40

Toners: from $50

Moisturizers: from $80

Exfoliators & Mask
from $80

Face Serums & Eye Care: from $70

Body care: from $60



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